Saturday, 1 December 2012

Trouble with structure

Is anybody else having trouble making use of the structure provided for the research proposals? I remember Davidson talking about how he wasn't sure how to introduce his topic without covering the same material as the literature review. I'm having the same problem, but with my theoretical framework. My framework is based on the research and theories of other researchers in the field I'm writing about. I talk about their work in the literature review, but that comes after the background, which is supposed to contain the framework. I feel like I can either have a theoretical framework that won't make much sense until you read my literature review, or I can transplant large sections of my literature review and end up with a less clearly structured work.

I'm also having a little trouble determining exactly how to allocate my word limit. 4000-5000 is a lot of words to fill, to be honest, and while I can easily write that much, I don't want one of my sections to be overwhelmingly dominant in terms of length. I'm around 3000 now, and I suspect my stronger material will peter out by about 3500. I can make up the rest in more extensive literature review, more background, or more introduction, but I'm not sure how ideal that is.

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  1. Hi Colin -
    Or put your theoretical framework directly following your literature review, and explain that you are drawing on such and such works in your own project.

    FYI: The research methods/research design section(s) should be the longest by far.