Wednesday, 5 December 2012

reflections on my time with Knight and Luker

This week’s readings from Knight and Luker really helped to bring everything together for my research proposal, perhaps most importantly the connections were made for me between designing a research project, analyzing the data gleaned, and making sense of everything.

Over the course of the semester we have read about research methods from a number of individuals, including articles about specific research methods, but the books written by Knight and Luker have been constant and familiar. In a blog I wrote earlier in the semester, I commented that I preferred Luker’s readings to Knight’s because I found Knight to be very theory heavy, and sometimes found it challenging to fully grasp the main points. As the semester progressed, however, I actually began to enjoy Knight for the same reason I struggled with him early on: heavy on theory. When we began examining specific research methods (e.g. face-to-face, surveys, content analysis), I actually enjoyed how he got right into the discussion of the particular method - laying out how to go about utilizing the method, and pros and cons. I still found Luker to be helpful in learning about the research process and preparing my research proposal. Knight and Luker utilized vastly different writing styles and brought different perspectives on the world of research methods, which made learning about research methods more enjoyable and well-rounded then depending on one constant author. 

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