Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Reflection on the research proposal

When I started writing the research proposal, I too found the structure a little baffling. I wasn't sure how to separate the background form literature review. And I was more comfortable with proposing hypothesis right after the lit review, which often makes sense logically to come to research questions after the theoretical frameworks and previous research. Then after giving it a thought, I started to realize what this assignment really wanted me to do. I've never written a research proposal before, so my idea about a proposal was something more like the journal articles I read. I initially thought this proposal would somewhat resemble the intro, lit review and method sections of journal articles in terms of structure, style and length. However, this proposal is more like a scholarly paper plus an action plan, laying out what I know about this topic, what's been done, what's the question I want to study, how I'm going to do about it, and the details of the procedures and actions of doing it. No wonder the expected results and potential biases are left to the end.....
In terms of the methodology portion, I struggled a lot since my topic has been studied in many other disciplines but almost none in information studies. I tried to think about what's unique about this topic when it is examined in the context of LIS and how I could address that uniqueness in research design or distinguish this research from what's been done. The Knight's reading chapter 5 has been really helpful on that. In general, I found the Luker book is great on approaching a research idea and the conceptual design, whereas when I have difficulties with pragmatic concerns or specific questions about methodology I found myself often go to Knight for help.

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