Sunday, 2 December 2012

proportional structure

I am dealing with the same challenge as Colin about the structural guidelines given.  I am trying to make sure each section should be roughly around the same length but of course some sections would have to be longer in order to cover what is needed.  It is without a doubt that the methodology section would be the body of the proposal and that would be lengthier and written with depth.  I find it awkward that the hypothesis is put last in the paper.  Coming from a science background, the hypothesis has always been at the beginning right after the topic is introduced.  After giving some thoughts to it, it does make logical sense for it to be at the bottom.

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  1. I ended up including my hypothesis in the data analysis section. I felt like "what I'm looking for" and "what I expect to find" naturally fit together there.

    I also felt like the hypothesis has a lot of overlap with the research questions and the thesis statement.