Thursday, 29 November 2012

Knight Chapter 5.

So as I sit down to write assignment 4 I'm struggling to find a research methodology that accurately answers my research thesis and questions.  Since there isn't much on my research thesis and question I am unable to find many other studies that have studied my topic.  If others had studied my topic and published research on it I would be able to consider their research design and perhaps be inspired or build upon their design.   This week's chapter 5 Knight reading was particularly useful because multiple research methods were outlined along with what they are often used to answer as well as their limitations. Sampling was also outlined including theoretical, systematic, stratified, site, opportunity as well as snowball sampling.  The benefits and drawbacks of multi-method design was also explored.  Interestingly Knight mentions that triangulation produces greater uncertainty.  I was originally considering a complex research multi-method design; however, after reading the section on costs of complexity I am seriously rethinking my method.  As a result I think this chapter is definitely worth a read through before starting assignment 4.  So it's back to the drawing board for me-how's everyone else doing?

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