Friday, 30 November 2012

Flexibility in proposal writing

While putting finishing touches on my research proposal for assignment 4, I realized that proposal writing is actually a fairly flexible process.  The MI thesis proposal requirements for the Faculty of Information for example simply states to submit a proposal that is 7-8 pages long. It is really up to me to decide how much or how little I want to include. I found that I condensed my proposal significantly for my actual thesis, whereas, what I submitted for assignment 4 was far more detailed. It really depends on how I think I can convince the person reading my proposal that I have put in enough effort into thinking through the details of the proposed research. Similarly, I found the requirements for the SSHRC proposal to be far too stringent in terms of the amount of information requested within the given page limits. It all seems so subjective. But perhaps proposal/grant writing is also something that comes with experience and after writing a couple different versions of research proposals, I supposed one gets enough experience to make objective decisions about how much or how little needs to be written. 

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